At STIGMA, we want you to lead with generosity of spirit and empathy when you interact with other members of the STIGMA community. The following guidelines were created with both virtues in mind and serve as the cornerstone of our community. We ask that all members read and follow these guidelines when using the app.


Personal Information. STIGMA has no public profiles and the information shared at signup is only used on our back end to match you when people ask to share their message of HOPE only with those who share their lived experience. To protect the safety of all members, we ask that you do NOT share any personal contact information (phone number, address, email address, etc.) in your messages. We will immediately reject messages that contact personal contact information

Be kind. The success of our community depends on members exchanging personal stories in a sincere and supportive way. Some members' lived experiences may not be familiar or relatable to
you. So always be kind, thoughtful, and respectful of
those seeking HOPE while using the app.

No endorsement. The views presented on the app are those of individuals who have individual thoughts and insights. As such, we cannot be seen as endorsers of the broad range of views, thoughts, and ideas of our individual community members.

Judgment. Engaging with a broad community of contributors will expose you to a wide array of world views, thoughts, and ideas. You will need to exercise your own judgment to assess if and how they apply to you or your personal situation.

Diligence. Always vet and do your own research on the views, thoughts, ideas, and the like shared by other members. It's important to determine whether they apply to your precise set of circumstances and experiences.

Content relevance. To ensure our app delivers on its promise to our members, we insist that all contributions to the app content are relevant, safe, and generally meet our community guidelines. To this end, we reserve the right
to remove content that we deem unhelpful or irrelevant in our sole discretion.

Caution. While we believe that the best results are achieved when members are candid
and forthcoming with each other, we also believe that you should exercise caution and
thoughtfulness when disclosing or exchanging sensitive information with others in the community.

Privacy. You must always respect
the privacy of other community members. To honor this guideline, you must never collect or
disclose to any other third party any personal information that you may be able to derive from
your interactions within community.

No advertising. Our platform is available to provide HOPE and inspiration only. Therefore, we prohibit any form of advertising and promotion, and any mentions of third-party
products or services, and especially those of our community contributors.

Reservation of our rights. In order to enforce these guidelines and our other rules
applicable to this app, we serve the right to take any necessary action to ensure
conformance. Such action includes but is not limited to the removal of content and account

Unacceptable Behavior

Content We Will Moderate. Because the messages we share may often be about heavy subjects dealing with mental health and trauma, we aim to avoid triggering content, whether purposeful or accidental. We ask that you focus more on the experience of living with your condition or illness instead of describing traumas in detail.

Content We Will Prohibit. In order maintain a healthy community and safe space for people to share their stories, we do not allow any message that:

  • Promotes illegal activity
  • Contains sexually explicit content
  • Contains personally identifiable information of any person
  • Contains solicitations of any kind