Host a Mental Health
pop up
for your team

We’re on a mission to normalize
conversations about mental health…in the workplace.

What is a mental health pop up?

Our experienced production crew comes to you to setup a day of video interviews with your team. The mental health stories we capture can be shared internally to nurture a stronger, more connected culture and externally to demonstrate to future employees that you’re committed to maintaining a psychologically safe workplace.

The final result?

In addition to demonstrating your commitment to creating safe spaces for your employees to feel seen and understood, you'll have an incredible library of photos and videos to help pain a picture of your team's culture and promote your employer brand externally for those considering joining your organization.

I want more info

How does it work?

First, we'll help you communicate the opportunity to your team members. Then, we'll provide a link for employees to sign up for an interview session. While on set, we'll capture photos and vieos of your team sharing their stories.

Your story

STIGMA Mental Health Pop Ups are a safe, non-judgmental space to share your story. Many of us on the STIGMA team live with mental illness ourselves. So, we’re grateful to you for sharing your story so we can normalize conversations about mental health in the workplace.

When you arrive we’ll wire you with a microphone, have you sit in the chair on set, and then we’ll have a conversation. We don’t ask you to relive trauma. We don’t ask questions that are intentionally triggering. We simply ask you questions to understand your lived experience. So that you feel prepared, we’ll also send you prep questions in advance, and give you guidance on what to wear on camera. Our job is to make you feel comfortable and feel proud of your contribution to social change.

To see examples of stories we’ve captured, click the button below.

STIGMA Stories